About Me

As you clicked here, I can assume that you want to know a little bit about me. Thanks for your interest.

I have four years of experience coding in Java, which includes numerous projects – academic, professional, and personal. Amongst these projects are web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications. From this medley of projects, I have gained a strong familiarity with the tools available to the Java developer – Spring being one of them. Consequently, I am very comfortable with Java development.

In addition, I have 1.5 years of experience coding in C# and in DotNet. My experience in these areas includes both professional projects and personal projects. These projects include both web projects (web forms and MVC) and desktop projects. From these projects, I have gained a competent understanding of DotNet.

In addition to my Java experience and my DotNet experience, I also have frontend experience. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are quite familiar to me. I am skilled at deploying them. As a result, I am qualified to work on frontend projects too.

In short, my specialties are –

Languages & Frameworks : Java, C, C#,  VB.NET, Groovy, Scala  Spring Framework, Hibernate, JPA2,JTA, Spring Data, Spring Security, Android, ASP.NET MVC3,EF Code First, Spring Roo, Groovy and Grails

Tools:  Gerrit, Stash, JIRA

Version Control: Git, visual soursafe, svn

Web Server:  Tomcat 7, 8

App Server: Glassfish, JBoss, Web Logic

Databases: MySQL, MSSQL

OS:  Linux (Ubuntu), CentOS

Networking: Linux

OOAD Tools: Rational Rose Eclipse UML, Umbrello(Linux)

IDE: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Dev C++,Code Block, Spring Source Tool Suite, Visual studion2008/2010

Application: Adobe Photoshop

This blog is meant to be a vehicle for the airing my interests, feelings, and opinions. If you’d like check out what I think and what I’m interested in, give a read.

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