Is it necessary to know everything about a programming language before starting to develop an application in it?

I want to build an application in Java that uses Swing, networking and databases (JDBC). However, the catch is that I donot know anything about these three fields. However, I do know some concepts of core java such as interfaces, inner classes, exceptions and debugging, collections, multithreading and I/O Streams.

I want to know if I “really” want to develop this application, should I wait and learn these concepts or should I jump right in? I am facing this as a severe mental handicap and would greatly appreciate some help here.

★ No

Answer by Bazlur Rahman Rokon:

So my suggestion would be, first learn a little stuff on swing, start developing the UI using swing, and then start learning few stuff on JDBC and then integrate your swing app with jdbc. And when you are little advance on these two, you may start networking stuff.
And doing all these, you will face problems, and thus you need to find more and learn more stuff to solve those problems.

Personally I loved this approach.

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