Android Layout Property Initializer Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Well, the very first version of IntelliJ IDEA plugin that I wrote over the last two nights, is now available for public use. This is nothing big, just a little, doing for fun. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

General instruction

  1. First, download it from here.
  2. Just install it as you normally install plugin. Go to settings, then plugins and then click on the button named “Install from disk” and then locate it.
  3. Restart your IDE.

Now you can create an android project, create an activity and a layout. Design your layout.

Click on the image for further instruction.



or watch in

NB: I have tested with IntelliJ IDEA 13.


Update:  The plugin now available on Jet-brain plugin repository :



  1. Hi, I would really love to use your plugin but from whatever reason it does not work in Android Studio (v0.4.2) for me. I just don’t see the option to “Init Views” in “Generate” popup. Is it working for you in Android Studio? Do you support also layouts add using RoboGuice @ContentView annotation? THANKS!

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