Random Thoughts – Caffeine

I’m worried about my personal productivity these days. I am a person who used to spend (maybe waste) time doing random things, but still worried about personal productivity. There are people that the term personal productivity meant nothing to them at all. To be honest, I do not like them. I love those people who are always calculative, thoughtful and hardworking. I am kinda person, who at least pretend to be working all the time. By the way, I’m a programmer, I used to work in a close room sitting in a chair staring at a computer screen for hours upon hours. For the common people (who are not a programmer and have no idea what does a programmer actually)  may find it too wired and crazy things and I have some friends who cannot even imagine how a man can sit such long time without moving (my longest record is 18 hours in a day). Recently I did a little digging on YouTube and found that sitting for long without moving minimize productivity. Although I do not believe in their research. I believe only coffee or tea can improve the productivity and it is my secret. You have to know how to make great coffee or a tea. I believe that most people cannot make a good coffee or tea. I make my own coffee or tea. I believe I do make the best coffee / tea, though only a few of my friends agreed. And I don’t offer coffee/tea to everybody.

I have a random thought that programmer productivity is very dependent on caffeine.

My personal productivity is exhausted due to not having coffee too much these days. I feel sleepy during the day time and used to sleep all night. By the way, this is the Holy month of Ramadan and I do fast from dawn to dusk, and that is about 15 hours. And that’s why I cannot have a lot of coffee these days.

In my own definition productivity means, some actions that accomplish goal in a timely manner.



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