What is java and Java virtual machine

You might have a lot of questions like what is java and what is java virtual machine especially if you are a beginner.

My answer is very simple. Java is a programming language as simple as the others. And what is a virtual machine… You guys know about computers. The computer is a machine. So the virtual machine is another type of machine that does not physically exist (I mean you can touch it like computers),but logically it has strong existence. One can assume that this is just another program written by some of the monkeys’ that runs on your computer. More generally, it is a program that its behaviour sounds like a real machine inside a machine.

And Java is a programming language, which runs on a Java virtual machine (JVM). If C is a machine language, java is virtual machine’s language. But java is not only language that runs on JVM. There are several other languages, such as closures, Groovy, Jython, Rhino, JRuby, etc. run on the JVM.

I found a nice youtube video that explains Java and the JVM in a much better way. I hope you like it.

I’m going to put a step by step tutorial in Java for beginners. Stay tuned.


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