To the newbie: think twice while choosing your core platform

I know that most of the new comers fall love with C # and start thinking as java sucks.

I would say wait, think twice, and think about the platform, don’t be specific to a language or some features. As a programmer’s point of view, you may fall into love with a particular language, but when you would act as a software engineer / developer / architect and you would want to develop mission-critical applications for business, your decision pattern would be as to which platform is better / appropriate / economical / less risky.

You won’t find many financial institutions going with .NET for the core platform after its well-publicized failure at the London Stock Exchange. Java has a proven backbone.


I hope you will get a point of thinking twice.


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  1. I want to apologize the words below are scathing, but someone has to write these words. If my words offend the author the or anyone wlse, I assure that my intention was not to do so.

    1) No honest, experienced developer should say that Java sucks. It doesn’t One may not like particular aspects of Java, but such shortcomings does mean that it sucks. Java clearly has many worthwhile features and a mature environment with which to work. As a result, Java is still an excellent a platform.

    2)C#’s inclusion of features absent in Java does not make it categorically superior to Java. Java’s features and addendum absent in C# does not make it categorically superior to C# either. One language is not always the correct choice.

    3) At the risk of being of accused of being a Microsoft toadie, the conclusion that the failure of the application used by the London Stuck exchange is endemic of some structural flaw within dotnet and windows is shoddy at best. There are many reasons for the catastrophic failure of software that exist outside of inherent flaws in dotnet or windows. Microsoft and Accenture may have designed a system with some significant flaws that inappropriately used dotnet and/or misconfigured the underlying operating system or database. None of those shortcoming reflect on the quality of dotnet or Windows. I don’t know whether such shortcomings existed in the London Stock Exchange’s system, but media people do not either. Furthermore, one cannot conclude logically that merely choosing Java and Linux obviates whatever causes the crash. An outsider cannot have that knowledge.

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